Julie Diamond is a well-known, highly regarded Personal Fitness Trainer who is passionately committed to empowering clients to reach their maximum fitness potential.

Her dynamic approach to health & fitness is fun and educational — with tough love mixed in.

She began her career in Washington, D.C. before landing in Los Angeles CA. With over 20 years of experience behind her, Julie custom tailors each client’s program in order to meet their individual fitness goals.

She has trained clients of all ages (ranging from 5-93 years old) & all fitness levels (from beginners to pro-athletes). She is widely recognized for her vast knowledge & skills.  These attributes combined with a fun approach to exercise has led Julie to compile an impressive list of clients including celebrities, actors, musicians, marathoners, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, weekend warriors, moms & people recovering from or dealing with illness/physical disabilities.

Julie’s “mission” is to encourage & assist clients to attain their fitness best and to educate them on how to maintain a healthy, fit & balanced lifestyle in this hectic world. Julie’s track record for creating results & maintaining results is where she excels.