Julie has been my trainer since the beginning of the show “Bones”.  Since then I have seen a huge difference in my body, and my energy levels. While some trainers “bully” you into a hard work out, Julie uses positive encouragement to help you reach your maximum potential.  On top of being very knowledgeable, Julie is an absolute pleasure to be around and has an effortless fun demeanor.

Emily Deschanel
Actress, “BONES”

Julie Diamond is an excellent trainer. she is inspiring, positive and fun sometimes making you forget how hard she is challenging you. If you want to have fun and get in shape, Julie is your gal!

Zooey Deschanel
Actress | Musician & Singer | Songwriter

I have been training with Julie Diamond for several years and have been impressed with the balance, intelligence and results of her workouts combined with her deep knowledge of nutrition.  Her sessions are personalized to suit my goals and the best part is, I look and feel great AND I love hanging out with her!

Nancy Travis

Julie Diamond worked with me in the fitness industry for many years now! Julie’s training philosophy & tactics are impeccable, as is her work ethic. She is a phenomenal trainer and has GREAT credentials to back it up.  Julie’s knowledge of muscle mechanics and understanding of the neuro-muscular system, combined with her motivational skills is only 3 reasons of a long list of what makes me TRUST Julie with my own clients when I am traveling.  Whatever your fitness goals may be – Julie can make them a reality!

Tony Horton
Fitness Expert, Founder & Creator of P90X

Julie’s workouts are different every time but her upbeat, sunny disposition never wavers.  She has pushed me to work harder than I thought I could and the next day I am always sore– in the right places!  She is encouraging and educational– taking the time to explain what the benefits are of each exercise and what areas they target.   Julie is also of the philosophy that eating and drinking are two delights of life which I so appreciate- a realistic and balanced approach to life.  She has helped me stay in great shape- thank you, Julie!

Mary Firestone
Travel / Lifestyle Guru

Julie has been my trainer for 8 years. Her knowledge and motivational skills are incredible, far above any other trainer I have ever worked with. She is up to date on new methods and technology and makes sure you understand why she is working your butt off. She makes working out fun but with results. My wife who is a workout freak and thought she knew all there was to know switched to her a couple of years ago and has never looked back.

Tony Dimitriades
Producer, Music & Business Executive

“Julie really knows how to give a person the total body workout – but also focus on “problem” areas.  She was especially attentive to my needs – what I wanted to achieve – as opposed to hers, which you see with some trainers.  Also, she’s just damn fun to be around. We have such a good time that I forget how strenuous and hard working out is!”

Linda Grasso
TV Correspondent

Julie is an exceptional trainer who is challenging, extremely motivating, and can adapt to any fitness level. The way she combines strength training with cardio conditioning is awesome- it’s impossible to get bored and your body has only the appropriate  time to adjust & your onto the next. Her workouts are consistent and efficient. I really can’t recommend her enough …

Lance Renner
Fitness Enthusiast

“Los Angeles has a lot of personal trainers– but none like Julie Diamond. She not only kicks your butt in every workout, but she genuinely cares about her clients and their individual needs. And the results really show! I leave every workout smiling…and sore!”

Monica Long
Lulu Lemon Store Manager

Julie has been my trainer for over 6 years. In addition, she works with my 2 young daughters. Her knowledge of the best current practices in nutrition, physiology, injury prevention & overall health makes her an excellent trainer for clients of all ages. I have seen great results in my strength, flexibility, and  overall physical fitness since I began  working  with Julie.  As for my 2 daughters, Julie works with them on coordination, balance & flexibility by creating  “fun” drills  & games which directly relate to everyday movement, as well as sports related exercises which create movement patterns that help them avoid injury.  Both girls look forward to their time with Julie, and their work with her has increased their enjoyment of and ability to succeed at their chosen sports. Julie is passionate about helping each client achieve  his or her individual fitness goals. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Julie, you will definitely achieve the results you are seeking.

Laura Fox

After taking a 4 year break from exercising all together after quitting gymnastics, Julie was able to get me back into my gymnast body in no time.  Not only is she an expert when it comes to fitness, she also has the ability to motivate and push you to your max. The reason for my 4 year hiatus from exercise was not because of an injury, but rather lack of knowledge and motivation. I thought that because I was still small, I didn’t have to keep my body fit. Julie taught me about nutrition and has given me knowledge about muscle groups I never knew I had. I owe my health and well being to Julie (not to mention my toned body). Thank you Julie!

Kristin Lancione